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Moving Checklist for Moving in Toronto ON or elsewhere in Canada

Are you getting ready to move in Toronto, ON or elsewhere in Canada? We prepared this useful moving checklist to save you some time and headache.

1 to 2 months before moving:

  • Contact Viktoria Vanlines Toronto for a free in-home moving estimate
  • Get packing supplies if you are packing yourself
  • Make any necessary travel arrangements
  • Arrange a garage sale
  • Get medical and dental records; ask your doctor and dentist for referrals and transfer prescriptions
  • Transfer your memberships
  • Fill out change of address forms
  • Record serial numbers of electronic equipment
  • Start a moving expenses log, as some of your expenses may be tax deductible

2 to 4 weeks before moving:

  • Reserve the service elevator if moving from an apartment in Toronto
  • Transfer your newspaper and magazine subscriptions to your new address in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada or discontinue delivery
  • Switch utility services to your new address – inform telephone, cable, hydro companies of your move
  • Confirm travel reservations if necessary
  • Check the contents of your safe-deposit box. Pack and carry all valuables such as jewelry, insurance policies, legal documents and important collections with you
  • Clean or arrange for a cleaning service to clean your home
  • Prepare your children for the move by encouraging them to prepare their own special box with toys, games and snacks for the trip
  • Start packing (if packing yourself)
  • Number all of your boxes, label each box according to its contents, specially mark fragile contents and keep an inventory list

A few days before moving:

  • Collect house keys and arrange to leave them with the new owners, your real estate agent or landlord
  • Disconnect your appliances
  • Double check all closets, shelves, your garage, etc. to be sure they are empty
  • Finish packing

On the moving day:

  • Make sure your Toronto moving company have all your destination details, exchange phone numbers and have your cell phone with you in case you need to contact your movers, etc.
  • Walk through your home with the crew to survey the work to be done and make sure your instructions are clearly understood
  • Shut off all your appliances
  • Assist your Toronto moving company by making sure that items are delivered to the correct room
  • Carry all important documents, currency and jewelry yourself
  • Complete a last minute check of all rooms and closets

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