Here are some tips for different stages of moving process


Tips to pack fragile items safely

Packing becomes a real challenge for someone when it comes to fragile items. Such delicate items test the patience of the individual because such items have to be packed with utmost care since they can break because of the slightest mistake. Following are some of the tips that will prepare and guide you in packing and moving fragile items safely.

Get some wrap

If you plan on moving fragile items then make sure you have wrapping and packing material with you. Such wrapping materials include tissues, packing paper and newsprint. Get hold of a fragile item such as decoration piece and wrap it with the help of tissue paper or packing paper. Once you have wrapped it with tissue, start wrapping it in newsprint that will provide added safety to the fragile item. When it is time to place the item in a box, make sure that the surface is soft. You can do this by adding foam to the box which will make sure that the items do not break or get damaged due to minor bumps while moving.

Glass items

Glass items such as mirrors tend to break easily. Such items should not be wrapped with tissue because a better alternative here is a towel or even a blanket. Tissue and paper do protect fragile items but only till some extent. Due to this reason you should make use of a towel or a blanket to wrap mirrors and other glass items before putting them in a box.

Take advice from the moving company

There are many moving companies that help customers in packing fragile items with special packing techniques and materials. It would not hurt to take their advice in this situation since your main aim is to pack with convenience without breaking anything. Such moving companies make use of bubble wrap and make sure that maximum protection is provided to such items.


Some last minute moving and packing tips to consider

When the last moments of moving arrive, things start to move forward quickly. When these moments arrive you will soon notice that difficulties start to increase because very little time is left to manage things. Following are some of the tips that will help you remain organized in those last moments of moving.

Extra cartons

Extra cartons will always prove helpful in the last moments. Even when you have packed everything there will always be some little things that you will discover in the last moments. These newly discovered items will have to be packed as well and you will need additional cartons for that. When you find such loose items, just pick them up and stuff them in those extra cartons. Use some tape seal the cartons and toss them in the moving vehicle to carry on with the move.

Extra vehicle

An extra vehicle can prove quite crucial on the moving day. There have been cases with people who have so many things to move and those things do not fit in the moving vehicle. This kind of problem can be fixed by arranging a new vehicle on an urgent basis. Arranging a new vehicle would obviously take time and would delay the move and due to this reason it is always better to have a backup plan or a ‘Plan B’ which allows you to carry on with the move without any interruptions.

Man Power

If you are not taking help of a moving company during the move then you should always have extra man power with you to help you with moving. Furniture and appliances are quite heavy and sometimes require three to four people to move the item with safety. Even if a moving company is helping you with the move and you think that huge items lie around in your house, make sure that you arrange some man power by asking your friends and family. If you cannot arrange man power on the moving day then make sure you alert the moving company about the huge items in your house.


Tips on simplifying your move

Moving can turn out to be quite a tedious task. The stress related to packing everything carefully followed by moving those packed things in a moving vehicle is not an easy task. There are not really any definite tips that will help you in simplifying the move but you can always try. Some of the basic things that most people can take into account are related to taking care of the pets, packing all important things and using adequate packing material. These are some of the general tips, but there are other things that you should take care of as well in order to simplify your move.

Insurance is one of the most important things that you should take into account while moving. Make sure that home and auto insurance are all in place before you move to a new home. Insurance is very important when it comes to vehicle. Vehicle and auto insurance can be easily bought from auto companies. This kind of insurance is important and comes in handy in case your moving vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road. Such insurance covers break down of vehicle. The auto company will provide you with a contact number that you can contact in case the vehicle gives up on you. With the help of insurance you can get your vehicle repaired in no time for free and carry on with the move.

Damages to the moving vehicle are also covered through some insurance packages if you are planning to move yourself. In case the moving vehicle gets damaged while moving to the new home you do not want to lose a fortune on repairing it. If you are moving with the help from a moving company then you can ask for insurance and some sort of guarantee from them as well. Imagine the kind of loss you will incur in case the moving vehicle gets robbed in the middle of the road. You will lose a lot of money and the moving company should be held responsible for that.

These guidelines are not entirely related to packing and moving in order to simplify the move. Instead, these tips will help you in dealing with some of the external problems that you could face while moving and you should know how exactly to deal with them.